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fashion / apparels

Objective reality meets subjective expectations

luxury retail

Interwood Mobel (Pvt.) Ltd. was established in 1974 and has since become Pakistan’s most trusted name in high-quality furniture. Today, it is widely recognized as an industry trendsetter and leader offering a complete range of home and office furniture, kitchens, doors, wardrobes, flooring, accessories and bespoke furniture. 

3 Segments review

Launch Plan for Pakistan

In the Chinese language, CHANG means lasting and AN means safety. Therefore, CHANG AN together represents the idea of “LASTING SAFETY”. We sincerely hope that Changan will bring you both safety and happiness.

As one of the top four automobiles groups in China and the top selling domestic Chinese automotive brand, Changan Automobiles boasts an industrial history stretching back 153 years. With 32 years of experience in building and selling passenger vehicles, Changan is an early leader in the Chinese auto industry.

Case Studies

Story telling : The King of story telling brand
“Believe in something , even it mean sacrificing everything”
 Conscious targeting and Inclusive advertsing
 A brilliant case of creating social marketing strategy
A TOM they did the encourage people to stand for a case on the following campaigns

 The phenomenal idea ” Love , Wear and Return” the concept of not buying the luxury good but renting it
 Converse :
 The brand stands for what it means , created a sound recording studio for the people who are converse audience without any perks in return.
 Under Armour
4 ways brand took the leap over addidas and gained second spot
 Victoria Secret – VS
 4 approaches how they capture the heart of the millions

“Great Brand Strategies”

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