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Certified Google Marketer
Activate Customer Centric Marketing
Programmatic Foundation
Google Analytics
Digital Sales
Plate Forum Professional
Advanced Consumer Behavior
Creativity Bootcamp
UX Design Foundation
Persuading Others
Advanced Consumer Behavior
Marketing to Millennial
The Five Step Creative Process
Creative Strategy Professional
Certified Inbound Marketer
Certified Marketing Automation Specialist
Communicating Ideas through story telling


  • By 2020 85% of the customer service will be done without human involvement
  • The way people see themselves in the world  is shifting which shaped out the way they interact with others and brands is also changing
  • Omniculture identities:  technology has exposed people with different perspectives now people seeks multicultural identity and they are comfortable, either its comes to gender roles, parenting responsibilities . However people are liking to keep their cultural identity yet like to merge into new perspective
  • New negotiations : As technology grow, people expectations with the brand grow, with technology both people and brand will have the control over prices and advantages : Now on the one side people are seeking for better offers from the brands where they are also willing to pay Surge pricing for the convenience, they believe they are willing to pay extra if its worth the time . Like ride hailing in 28% american doesnt have any issue on peak factors, News trends like programatic buying
  • Next gen-work : Millennial will officially takeover the work force , by 2020 half of the world work force will be millennial , They want clear strategic vision and company where purpose ,objective and meaning fullness  meets their expectations
  • Beyond aging :  Aging is getting obsolete now , people age bar has increase for being perceived as old people , that tech driven things are making people more up to day , healthy and smart living
  • Shopping near or far : People do like to continue with the cultural commerce by on the other side they global minding is also increasing , ,65 M business in facebook has 35% people are from other countries
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Digital trends

  • 5G : more fixed 5g connection will be offered
  • Chatsbots will become more efficient
  • Data Process with AI ,: Date will be analayzied better current its being analized as 1% which will goes upto 3 to 4 %
  • VR will limit to gaming only
  • IoT : Internet of things : connecting devices will more effective in data gathering
  • Cloud based : environment will be more effective
  • CEO to be digitally transformed
  • Youtubes ads are taking over facebook ads
  • Content cluster : like creating segmented pages for the people searching and link it with main page ideally for seo
  • live chat and chat box
  • voice searches : 20% of the searches has been done through voice searchs