About me

A Modern marketer with a passion of building brands and delighting consumers with the education of Fashion marketing, Brand Management, Specialization in Advertising Communication, and self-education with 15 years of Fashion Brand Management experiences has given me the dynamic to contribute effectively in transforming any peripheral brand into aspirational brand. Associated directly and in directly with most of the leading brands Directly as Head of Marketing, Cambridge, Zeen, GUTS, license, edenrobe, GS – Textile, Adverto, digital and photography. Indirectly as Guddu Shani team contributed in the advertising and campaign photography work of Khaadi , Alkaram, Nishat , AUJ & J. 

Mustafa kamal Pasha

A brand evangelist


Brand Strategy


Digital brand building

Marketing Automation

Brand Position & CD Mapping

Retail Marketing

Brand Activation


Anthropological analysis