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A Brand Evangelist

A Modern marketer with a passion of building brands and delighting consumers with the education of Fashion marketing, Brand Management, Specialization in Advertising Communication, and self-education with 15 years of Fashion Brand Management experiences…..

I am coming from everything they said i couldn't have


Digital brand building

Edenrobe: Created a Sustainable range of digital stratégies, from content strategy design/ deployment to meet the objectives, strengthen the ecommerce Platform improved the conversation ratio to 2.26% : Business development and setting up entire Ecosystem connecting production, Performance marketing and Datamining to maximize the ROAS.....

Area of Expertise!

Beyond Needs and wants , In fashion the term used is desire

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Data driven brand strategist 

  • Affordability is not every : Its not nessary to be part of price reduction cost but 52% of the customer prefer great and quick shopping experience and consistency accross all touchpoints (A report by pwc) 42 % of people believe it
  • CEO personal brand Building : in current senario people are over exposed to the advertisment and becoming Desentized over marketing approach . 
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The process of bringing idealogy + Tool = Solution

 Four principle 1) self awareness 2 ) Management of emotions 3) Other awareness 4 ) relationship building

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  • Stereotype of Millennial 
  1.  They are selfless ( Mean they only care for themselves , which is wrong in case of toms shoes example)
  2. Materialistic and cynical ( They are actually experience driven generation, they spend money on gathering experience rather on items catching dust)
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  1. Keep the user first : design has to address the user needs and context they are using for
  2. Design for ecosystem : Each device is usually a part of the ecosystem like iphone / anroid , so the user can fluidly across the device and device interact with each other so the user get better experience
  3. Design for cohorent : Devices designs should have similarities with other for better interface 
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Design for emotions

the value drive brands and how the brand should be preceived Mind Mapping ….

Top brands Marketing strategies

the value drive brands and how the brand should be preceived

I Can Help You Take Your next Step Regardless of Size.

The process of buying to satisfy the needs and desire ,  There study can be experimental psychology (Micro reason) and anthropology (Macro reason)